Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our Honorary Project Can Honor the Person of Your Choice

There's no doubt that it feels good to do something kind for someone else.  Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about studies that have proven that the mere observation of an act of kindness, creates a chemical reaction in the observer that results in a feeling of well being.

One of the reasons why I am compelled to produce this honorary documentary on Cliff Robertson, is my remembrance of the kindness he showed to me, and countless others.

So I have an offer for you that might make you feel good in two different ways:

My goal is to raise $500 in the next few days towards the Honorary Cliff Robertson documentary project.  That amount will cover the time and expense of doing an initial outreach to the people we have in mind who we would like to participate in our project.  Those people include:  John Travolta, who received the first Living Legends of Aviation's "Cliff Robertson Ambassador of Aviation" award, which was presented by Cliff himself.  Harrison Ford, former Young Eagles Chairman, Cliff Robertson founding Chairman.  Michael Caine, told Cliff of his Academy Award win in the Philippines while filming Too Late the Hero.  William Goldman, Cliff gave him his start in the film business.  Sam Raimi, Spider-Man director.  James Franco,
Spider-Man co-star.  Rosemary Harris, Spider-Man co-star.  Tobey Maguire,
Spider-Man co-star.

Obtaining even a comment from any of those people who had direct contact with Cliff, will help us downstream when we begin to contact potential distributors and broadcasters.

So if you make a donation of $50, you can obtain a listing on our Supporters page, through which you can honor the person of your choice, the way I honored my own father, as an example.  For $100, you can have your own separate page.

Of course I can't really guarantee how you are going to feel, but I think the probability is good that once you take the step to donate, you'll feel good knowing you had a part in helping us create this worthwhile honorary project, and you'll also feel good honoring the person of your own choice in the process.  If you prefer not to be named, we can still honor the person of your choice with your anonymous sponsorship.

Use the PayPal button on our main page, and I'll be in touch with you to complete the details.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

As always, thanks for your consideration!

Best Regards,
  Steve Thompson

Thompson Communications

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Monday, December 9, 2013

Cliff Robertson Honorary Documentary

Please offer your comments on the Cliff Robertson Honorary Documentary project. 

Essentially, I plan to produce a documentary that would run approximately sixty minutes, which coincidently roughly fills a ninety minute commercial television time slot. 

Approximately half of the film will describe his film accomplishments, the other half his aviation accomplishments. I want the film to inspire others the same way that the man himself inspired others. I encourage you to leave your comments! 

 -- Steve Thompson

s t e v e @ t h o m c o m m . c o m

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